Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Trunk Show

Come finish up your Holiday Shopping . . .

Holiday Meltdown...

I was so fired up after accomplishing that first post, I was sure I'd be on here's a photo...look what I did...check this out...what actually happened was that I had a pre-holiday meltdown.
So, here's a photo..I have nothing relevant or profound to say other than this is the time of year when we all tend to over extend ourselves, ladies-you know who you are, and I am learning to let things go a little with the great reward of a little more sanity...hope you'll do the same.

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Victorian Paste Goodness

This is a great Victorian paste rhinestone bow,I stared at this bow for years before I decided I could give it a new life, I dreamed about the life it had before I found it buried in a box at an estate sale, I wondered who wore it and where and of course I always fantasized about the other jewels that it mingled with in someones jewelry box or dressing table.
The mysteries behind other peoples cast offs has always been a fascination of mine and as I'm learning how to blog hop I'm finding that there is a huge community of artists and crafters that feel the same way whose art and blog posts are motivating and inspiring me on a daily basis!

My First Post...

This is a photo of a piece I sold at one of our Handmade Revolution trunk shows last year, I still miss this one...
This is my very first blog post on my very first blog of my own! This post is dedicated to my good friend Brooke Evans, without whom this blog would not have happened. Thanks, Brooke, for your unbelievable patience (especially in the face of my technological ineptness) and unconditional friendship (even when I'm having a meltdown) and support which has without a doubt helped to motivate me in so many ways creatively and otherwise! You are an inspiration to say the least and I am definitely a better person for knowing you, a little mushy but all true.

So, here's to many more posts, I'll continue to post photos of jewelry, art, life and all things creative, stay tuned...

Be sure to visit Brooke at

Tuesday, August 3, 2010